While every care has been taken to render our products reliable and effective, we have to make clear that they are all in an experimental stage. We can therefore not accept any liability for damage or unwanted side-effects resulting from their application. When in doubt, you should consult a qualified computer technician. While our remedies are effective against a wide range of disorders, most require a running computer, so the consequences of beer poured over a laptop keyboard or a drop from more than 30 feet are typically not in that range.

Satire Warning

Our products have been subject to many trials, and can therefore be claimed to as much part of evidence based medicine as their human counterparts (see our section on methodology). The testimonials from satisfied customers also make this abundantly clear. We therefore see it as our duty to warn our customers of offers which do not exercise such care. Worst among these are satirical websites, which freely invent "cures" and hawk them at outrageous prices. We find nothing funny in ridiculing mankind's most wholesome, holy, and holistic striving for all-embracing truth and health. Fortunately, some of these sites make such outrageous claims that their satirical intent is plainly visible. However, in some cases it requires experts like us to see through the "joke". We particularly warn of the following sites:(Links with (D) are in German)