Meditational Wait States

Many of us have experienced the beneficial influence of meditation on intellectual work. Computers normally are never put into such a state of cleansing emptiness. The "turned off" computer is more like a dead brain, whereas the normal idle computer is usually really in a loop asking for keyboard or mouse interrupts millions of times per second. We have developed a program, which will truly rest the CPU of your computer, by setting as many registers equal to zero as possible, allowing for subsequent revival. For achieving more specific effects the program can also run a mantra or a prayer through the CPU registers.

Note that no program written in a high level language such as C or C++ can achieve such effects, since the control of individual CPU registers is highly machine dependent. Therefore, you will have to submit some details of your computing system in order to choose the right product.

If you get a mantra from a certified computer guruTM, you can elevate mere meditation to an application of the Vedic Mathematics invented by HH Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Your computer will thus be rendered "free of mistakes" and by application of the Absolute Number it will realize the organizing power of Natural Law itself. While the meditation part was relatively easy to implement (computers do not suffer many distractions) we had some trouble with the Absolute Number at first, until we took a hint from the master himself: "By circling any number, the number begins to indicate that it is part and parcel of the Absolute Number [...] Its individual status has become Cosmic." The circling was easily implemented on the graphics card, and thereafter our computers started to do mind-boggling things. If you can get the required mantra we invite you to experiment with the "Invincible Defence for all nations" and the crime reducing Maharishi effect. However, we suggest that you get from our shop a clamp to prevent your computer from yogic flying, which can actually be quite a nuisance.