Morphogenetic Field Generator

According to the Theory of the Morphogenetic Field by Rupert Sheldrake, the evolution of structures and shapes is a cooperative effect: If a structure has evolved anywhere in the world, this structure becomes increasingly likely to emerge everywhere else. This effect explains, for example, the evolution of eggs into chickens, because there have already been so many chickens who have made this transition. Moreover, it can act retroactively so that, in this example, the chicken-to-be helps shaping the organism. With the advent of computer technology it is no longer necessary to leave the emergence of the basic patterns to blind chance. Using our products, you may generate them at will and at fantastic rates. Of course, the morphogenetic field generated in this way has the strongest effect on like events, i.e., on patterns you may want to achieve on your computer. A particular favourite is the screen declaring you the winner in an internet casino. When running these programs it is recommended to deactivate screen savers, so that the desired pattern actually appears on the screen. But of course, this is not strictly necessary, because the screen image is merely a copy of certain memory areas. Therefore it is possible (though slightly less effective) to run our programs with monitor turned off, or more interestingly, as a background task on multitasking operating systems.

We are also conducting research into the possibility generating morphogenetic effects outside the computer. This is truly an experiment that might change the world. It would mean that you could let your computer do your wishful thinking AND be successful at it!