Pascal's Wager - a multitasking ecumenical prayer wheel

App for smartphones.

Pascal's Wager historically refers to an argument by Blaise Pascal, actually one of the first ever applications of probability theory. It states that the price for erroneously believing in God, i.e., some inconvenience in this life, is negligible compared to the price for erroneously renouncing faith, i.e., eternal damnation and torture. Therefore, even if the probability for the existence of God is estimated to be very low, it is profitable to believe anyway. It has long been noted that the argument has two flaws: Firstly, God might not appreciate this logic and decide to send you (along with Pascal) to a very hot place for making such a cold calculation. Secondly, there are many vengeful Gods with non-zero existence probability, and believing in the wrong one might be worse than not believing at all. Our App partly mitigates both flaws. By automatically praying to many different Gods in a secret random order, it gives the user a degree of plausible deniability of praying to a false God, and a degree of plausible sincerity for praying to the right one.