The process of finding a Patron Saint of the internet is well under way. The hottest contender (suggested by the late Pope John Paul II himself) is St Isidor of Seville (560-636). His main qualification is not so much his raving antisemitism (this would hardly distinguish him from the other fathers and teachers of the Church), but authoring a digest of the literature of Classic Antiquity from a Christian standpoint. In this way he helped creating space in many libraries, since the objectionable non-Christian content could now be removed without having to fear any loss. Pope Benedict XVI has criticized Isidor for not filtering out more, but at least found the intention laudable.

We offer a range of charms, typically in the form of meta-tags for your websites. These may ask Isidor (in Latin) to save the site from broken links, or your computer from being suffocated by updating software. If you are at all concerned about whether blessings survive the translation into an electronic medium, recall that the Vatican is itself marketing "Urbi et Orbi" discs. Note, however, that until he is officially appointed, Isidor might not oblige.