Our Institute was founded in 1997. Starting from some initial exploratory experiments with Computer Homeopathy, which led to the development of the Y2K cure MMBT, The Institute quickly expanded into a multi-national operation with branches in Big Sur, Paris, Peekskill NY, Lhasa, the Antipodes, and Harxbüttel. This global network is vital for separating long distance quantum connections from mere material physical ones. Our field studies (the equivalent of clinical trials in our field) are therefore conducted by researchers from a large variety of backgrounds, from "normal" science, Computer Technology and Quantum Science (chief consultants: C.H. Bennett and R.F. Werner) to consultants from "alternative" scientific disciplines like Radionics, Orgon Theory, Quantum Telepathy, Numerology, Necromancy, Morphogenetic Field Theory, Wicca, Shamanic Travel, Aquarian Conspiracy Theory, Reflexology, Alchemy, Demonology and Angelography, Classical Homeopathy, Astrology, Geomancy, Christian Science, Plethysm, Acupuncture, Feng Shui, Phrenology, Dowsing, Arithmancy, Cohomology, Tarotology, Archetypal Psychoanalysis, Anthroposophy, Extispicy, Theosophy, Kabbalah, Aleatoric Eclecticism, Mystical Traditions of the Major Religions, Structural Anthropology and its Computer counterparts, Occultism, Herbal Pharmacology, Reiki, Avian Augury, Gambler's Fortunology, Rosicrucianism, Teleportation Research, Runic Magic, Palmistry, Macrobiotics, Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field, Transgender Theology, and Astrology. Of course, some of these sciences or practices (e.g., Hepatoscopy) do not readily adapt to the Computer Environment, while others (e.g., Arithmancy, Numerology and Kabbalah) naturally do. Since 2001 the coordination of this multifarious research has been conducted by Dr. Hugo Lobsang Rampa together with a small number of permanent staff.

Our Logo represents the fusion of computer technology and the Ancient Chinese Wisdom of the I Ching. The contacts of the computer chip, loaded with binary inputs, are just sufficient to address any hexagram and hence each of the entries of the I Ching. The hexagon is chosen as a plane-tiling shape to represent digital infinity. The circular variant of the logo is more anthropocentered and reflects the Greek/Flatland idea of perfection and infinity.

On the left you see a zoomed-out but still incomplete picture of the portion of the Mandelbrot set (the spike near z=2) shown on our home page. This Mandelbrot set illustrates how a simple rule can generate unboundedly complex behaviour, an idea, regarded by some as a New Kind of Science, that is supplanting pre-Aquarian Science all over Gaia and has been a profound inspiration for all of us at the Institute. The image symbolizes the bidirectional acausal influence between consciousness and algorithmic processes which our Institute aims to optimize.