Multimodal Mystery Bit Therapy (MMBT)

Our institute has pioneered a new multimodal therapy combining the principles of homeopathy and double-blind experimentation. This may sound complicated, but underlying idea is quite simple: by choosing randomly among many toxins, in such a way that neither you nor we know which one we have chosen, we can prepare a remedy effective against all of them. In 1999 we used this approach quite successfully against the Y2K problem*, and now we offer it against a collection of the 100 most common and dangerous computer viruses. To prepare our multimodal antivirus therapy, we start with a collection of unlabelled disks, each containing a different virus. The disks are placed in an urn and one is chosen at random. This "mystery virus" is then subjected to a B64 dilution. A single bit from the diluted virus is then electronically transferred to a file on our server, taking care that no human has an opportunity to observe whether the bit value is zero or one (such observation, of course, would rule out about half the original viruses, rendering the treatment ineffective against them).

We offer this Multimodal Mystery Bit for free download, but before you do so, read the following IMPORTANT  DIRECTIONS. In order to preserve effectiveness against our entire collection of viruses, you should download the file and save it on your root directory without opening or viewing it, or allowing anyone else to. To safely download, you should right-clickthe following button, then follow the "Save Link As..." dialog to store the file "MMBT.txt" in your root directory. Do not left-click the button, as that might cause the file to be opened in an editor, exposing it to damaging observation.

If you do accidentally view the mystery bit, and are unable to forget it, all is not lost.  Simply wait a few weeks and download it again from our site.  Approximately once a month we repeat the homeopathic double-blind preparation, resulting in a new (and possibly different)  Mystery Bit.

*Starting in mid-1999, our site offered a multimodal mystery bit "Y2KOK.TXT" as a preventative for Y2K problems.  Although only a few dozen people downloaded it, we believe that it protected most of the world's computers against serious Y2K problems,  through a combination of homeopathic and morphogenetic (see below) effects.