Chantal from Bautzen

You guys must have randomized some powerful stuff into your mystery Bit! I showed it to my Golden Retriever Fido. Without looking at the Bit myself, of course. Guess what: he instantly recovered from a bout of misbehaviour. I experimented with that as Prof. Sheldrake suggested, and found the effect is enhanced by a piece of sausage. I thought maybe some of your other customers might want to try that also.

Fred from Passatonga

I was running a Laptop under Windows and it became slower and slower. So I checked the aspects and ascendants on your Astrological system scan tool. Mars for hard disk was in opposition to Mars for CPU! No wonder the system was grinding to a halt. So I took the advice of the tool, and reformatted, also getting a new battery and a new screen saver bought at exactly the moments suggested by the tool. You just have to get those ascendants right. The machine worked like a dream after that. ...

Laverne from Philadelphia (2015)

I bought your TelePathNet® App last year, and installed it on a mobile I intended to keep for over a year. Apparently I did, because I could just call myself in the future using the time selection dial. I had some rather interesting text message sessions this way. Of course, I played the lottery some, and that easily made up for the price of the App. But you have to be discreet or the secret NSA mind control unit will get at you. Also you can only win if your future self tells you that she already did. After I learned that my hamster will get all wet and die from microwaves, I got very sad and stopped using the App. Otherwise, I can only recommend this!