The technology of the morphogenetic field may be used to indicate a working network connection, even when no physical radio signals are detectable. This is the starting point for a transfer protocol ("TelePathNet®") tapping into the telepathic continuum. The underlying alphabet of this network has five digits, due to the morphogenetic selection of Rhine (see left). Human telepaths can also connect directly to this net, although our subjects found the transmission of long strings of Rhine symbols rather tiring. Since computers can achieve a much higher data rate, errors can efficiently be corrected, so the TelePathNet® provides a cheap alternative to internet, replacing only the bottom layer of internet protocols. Hence functionalities such as voice over tp, film streaming and text messages do not need to be reprogrammed.

The TelePathNet® technology is not limited to one time slice, so communication with past and future is just as easy as with the present. The only constraint is that the TelePathNet® technology has to be available at the other end. Unfortunately, financial transactions are not possible yet, because so far the servers at PayPal keep crashing when confronted with money flows in a timelike loop.

You can reach us on TelePathNet® using our programs or smartphone apps, under the address