Universal Reflex Generator

App for smartphones and laptops with touchscreen

Reflexology is a basic application of analogical substitution. Think of a basic example: The ear looks like an upside down embryo, so rubbing your earlobes will cure headaches. Now the analogical identification of ear and embryo, apparent as it may be, is still somewhat arbitrary, and could be improved by using a more direct simile. Such images are readily generated on a computer or smartphone screen, and such a screen is also susceptible to gentle rubbing. Our App establishes a morphic connection between the image on the screen and a particular patient. Since we use quantum principles, this need not be yourself or a client whom you touch physically, but can also be anybody in a distant location. The images can be made quite specific, so rather than exerting beneficial reflexological treatment to, say the entire leg, as in foot reflexology, you can zoom in and address a particular bone or spot on the skin. By double tapping rather than gently rubbing you can place a needle, and you can choose the sign of the interaction, effectively allowing a choice between acupuncture and voodoo. However, you may disable the negative influences in the settings dialogue.

We experimentally also offer a two-step morphic mapping process, by which the screen is identified with two different physical locations. Then, at least while the App is running, rubbing one of your own body parts may exert a reflexological effect on any organ of anybody else of your choice.