Medical Cure Amplifier

App for smartphones

Many cures of alternative medicine depend crucially on spiritual elements. On the part of the healer it takes psychic powers and the will to boldly, even shamelessly, promote a cure. On the part of the patient, faith in the cure, often materially expressed by a credit card transaction, is a crucial element. This is why clinical studies always fail: These subtle effects get destroyed by the negative energies of skepticism. Now skepticism is not a stable all-or-nothing character trait, since people may feel more sceptical on some days than on others. Therefore, it is not advisable to use alternative cures on days of doubt. This app helps you to avoid such bad days. It also helps to boost the faith element, since it is well-known that faith is enhanced by effort and expenditure. This effect is often severely damaged by the commercial interests of the alternative pharmaceutical industry, which tries to make their products cheap in the interest of increasing the number of sales.

Whatever spiritual cure you want to take, consult this app. It may ask you some simple questions for a first assessment of your level of belief in the cure, and may advise you not to take the envisaged treatment at all. On the other hand it may ask you to reaffirm your faith by an in-app purchase (available from 1$ to 256$). This will increase the effectiveness of the cure, depending on the size of the boost package you select.